High quality window & door hardware

Swift Frame Window & Door hardware

Window hardware

High Quality locking window handles

Manufactured from a high performance zinc alloy the Pro-Linea TBT handle range can be used for both tilt first and turn first applications, and is suitable for PVCu, aluminium and timber framing systems.

The unique rose design incorporates a raft of innovative features; the edge-to-edge screw cover-cap ensures no fixing lines are displayed on the a-face and is made from zinc, rather than plastic, to perfectly match the handle colour for enhanced aesthetics

Colour options include:

Chrome, White, Black and Gold.

Door hardware

Pro-Linea door handles

Both lever and pad Pro-Linea handles have been ergonomically designed for optimum comfort and ease of operation when in use. Their soft lines perfectly complement the chamfered appearance of modern door styles.

For use with unsprung door locks or to avoid the problem of “sagging” handles, a spring module has been built into the Pro-Linea handle backplate to ensure that the handle always returns to 90° after each use.

Colour options include:

Chrome, Black chrome, Brushed chrome, Gold, Black or White.


Pro-Style Quality

The Pro-Style letterbox features a reliable operation and contemporary finish. The sleek frame and flap design incorporate a concealed flap operating mechanism to maintain subtle exterior sightlines.

The Pro-Style letterbox features internal and external thumb access for ease of use. When fully open the external flap opens to 180° without over stressing and smart frame design prevents abrasive action against the flap during operation. The internal flaps opens to 180°.

Tested to meet industry standards the ProStyle letterbox has been cycle tested to 50,000 cycles and has superior corrosion resistance, exceeding the 240hour industry requirement.

Colour options include:

Brushed chrome, Black, White, Gold, Black chrome or Chrome.

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