PVCu Residential Doors

PVCu Residential Doors

Our range of PVCu Residential doors are made to the same exacting standards as our PVCu windows and will make a great first impression on period and modern homes. They also come in an attractive choice of finish to include Brilliant White, Rosewood, Mellow Oak and Schwarz Braun.

As all our doors now incorporate Yale locking your customers can be assured that their new doors not only look good and perform well but will also provide a real deterrent against a home break in.

Specification includes:

  • Wide choice of styles and colour finish
  • High Security to include multi point locking
  • Energy Efficient with twin wetherseals
  • Attractive choice of quality door furniture

Our PVCu Doors are available in a wide range of colours and styles catering for all tastes. Differing inside colours are also available to match your customers' existing decor.

PVCu Residential Doors

Colour finishes available on our Residential doors

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Colours available on Chamfered and Fully Featured systems:

  • White uPVC
  • Mellow Oak / White
  • Mellow Oak / Mellow Oak
  • Rosewood / White
  • Rosewood / Rosewood

Colours availabe on Fully Featured system only:

  • Chartwell Green / White
  • Anthracite Grey (Grained) / White
  • Schwartz Braun / White
  • Anthracite Grey (Smooth) / Anthracite Grey (Smooth) on Grey Substrate

Our range of PVCu Doors includes:

Front Doors

Our front doors are fully fabricated to include high security Yale locking, a choice of stylish door furniture and a wide range of colour options to choose from. They also incorporate the latest Energy Saving features to include twin weather seals.

Back Doors

Our back doors are available in a wide choice of styles to include a Stable Door option. Every door incorporates Yale locking, Energy Saving features and there's a wide choice of colour options available.

French Doors

Our French doors are popular as a wide opening to a garden or a grand entrance as a front door. Every door offers Yale locking, Energy Efficient specification and a wide choice of colour finish.

Stable Doors

Our Stable doors are designed so that the top half of the door can be opened whilst the bottom half remains securely shut - this style is particularly popular for customers with small children and / or pets.

Hardware fitted to our PVCu Residential Doors

VBH Alpha Handle

Alpha Doopr Handle

Yale Lockmaster


Mila Evolution Hinge


VBH 1 Star cylinder

Yale 1 Star Cylinder

Yale 3 Star cylinder option

Yale 3 Star Cylinder Option

Yale Letter Plate

Silver letterbox

Yale locking fitted to PVCu Residential Doors

As leaders in home security for over 150 years, Yale have unparalleled experience and a solid reputation for ground - breaking innovation.

Their robust hardware is accredited to the PAS24 security standard and provides multi-point locking for added resistance.

Yale badges

Yale Lifetime security guarantee

Lifetime warranty badge

All Yale hardware carries a Lifetime Security Guarantee that will give your customers extra peace of mind.

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