Energy Performance

High Performance Profile

Our profiles are designed to maximise thermal efficiency. The PVCu multi chamber construction uses the highest grade materials to achieve higher levels of insulation. Twin weather seals on every frame give double protection against draught ingress and our window system now out performs most other windows on the market.

We can now offer A+ Energy Rated Windows

Profile specification includes:

  • Multi chamber frame construction
  • Thermally Efficient twin weather seals
  • Recommended 28mm width for glazed unit
  • Manufactured to meet CE and BBA requirements
Close-up of window frame extrusion

Twin Weather Seals

The unique construction of each seal is corded to withstand extremes of temperature and last the lifetime of the window. It will also be immune to rotting, stretching and mould. When the window is closed, the seals on the external and internal frame and sash rebates combine to offer outstanding protection against the weather and noise pollution.

Weather seal specification includes:

  • High Protection against extreme weather
  • Will last the lifetime of the window itself
  • Helps to reduce general noise pollution

A+ Energy Efficiency Rating available

With each high performance PVCu Window we produce, there are an infinite number of components that determine the Energy Efficiency of a particular style.

Using state of art manufacturing methods and the highest grade of components, our PVCu Window range is available to meet A+ Energy Rating standards to give your customers even greater savings on their heating bill.Switching to our Energy Efficient Windows will reduce the amount of heat your customers need and could save them up to £315.00 per annum on the fuel bills.

Our Windows are designed to...

  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Save on annual heating costs
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Combat climate change

CO2 Reduction

Our Energy Efficient windows also reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. It is the way the world works and as most homeowners would like to minimise the amount of CO2 that heating their home produces, fitting our energy efficient windows is a good move.

Less noise pollution

The multi chamber construction of our window profile, with twin weather seals on the outer and inner edges and a sealed glass unit with a full 20mm space between the panes will greatly reduce outside noise pollution and enhance quality of life.

Lower fuel costs

Installing our energy efficient windows will positively reduce the amount of heat required to warm a home and as a result, your customers could save up to £315 per annum on their heating costs.

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